TBS Crossfire 500mw to 2W with a Switch | Taranis Battery Mod

TBS Crossfire 500mw to 2W with a Switch | Taranis Battery Mod

This time I show you a mod of my Taranis and #TBSCrossfire full module how to switch the power with one button from max 500mw to 2W without the need of an external battery, I use this now for over a year and I’m pretty happy with it maybe some of you can use this too.


This is the First Video in a row of upcoming How to Videos about #Longrange flying and the parts and stuff around.

You need:
a switch like that for the Fatshark mods
XT30 connectors and some wire
and this 3D Print
Bigger internal Battery like a 2500 or 2800mha

The 3D print in my video was done with my new mk3 at full speed so its more a prototype, print it slower for better quality! The TBS Crossfire module is normally only designed for 500mw via the internal connector of the taranis XD9, but with an external lippo it can be amplified up to 2 Watt.

To boost this with the button from 500mw to 2 watt you have to set the TBS Crossfire module dynmaic Power to on.

Normally the 500mw is enough for the comfortable midrange surfing more than most people already have enough with 100, but if you want to fly really long range fpv and test your limits then more power is just the right thing.

Flying with our long range fpv quadcopters is a lot of fun and this mod helps to make life a little easy without the annoying separate battery plug it in etc. so try it out and have fun with it if you like you can buy me a beer 🙂 It should be said that in many countries there is a limitation of broadcasting performance and there are legal exceptions such as amateur radio and other tests, etc. Please inform yourselves just before you start.

the approach with my mod is that this can be switched on and off at any time.

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