GoPro Hero 7 Black Hypersmooth!? | Long Range FPV Cloud Surfing

GoPro Hero 7 Black Hypersmooth!? | Long Range FPV Cloud Surfing

Testing my new GoPro Hero 7 and her Hypersmooth stabilization on a Quadcopter, it was an extremely windy and cold day, you can see the clouds moving very fast into the picture, so the activated Hypersmooth stabilization was really at the limit you can see some light swings from time to time but with a wind strength that closed my car door effortlessly only by the wind I am very happy with the result but it could be better.


I have seen many videos of the #GoProHERO7 and how the #hypersmooth stabilization works or not, it seems to work well for #Gap707, but here in this test I clearly see some bugs (maybe you’ll find them too).
I can’t stress enough what a strong wind blew over the mountains that day, but I’ve done some good weather tests and also found some faults and so on, for now, I’m going to omit the stabilization just for walking and talking is super nice. So let’s talk a bit more about the stabilization of the #GoPro Hero 7, first of all I think it’s a shame that you only have the following selection of stabilization from or auto, hyper smooth or not, then with the different frames. Of course, it’s very nice that you can choose the #hypersmooth stabilizing at 4k60p or4k50p but that you can’t choose the normal stabilizing as well is a bit annoying.

Why does this annoy me with the GoPro Hero 6 you only have a normal stabilization but it works great for quiet FPV #longrange flights or other smooth quadcopter flights. And this also with ND filter and Protunes to the current time this is however after my own try with the Gopro 7 simply not possible as soon as one uses a ND filter the Stabilization comes with it somehow not clear and one receives only to wobble and blurred footage.I’ve done an incredible number of long range flights in totally different environments from spring over summer to autumn and again and every time I put my drone in the air I normally adjust the protunes settings and try to get the best out of the picture and the environment unfortunately the GoPro Hero Back 7 restricts me in this freedom of use with my quadcopters.

For us drones pilots the option would have to come in any case only the normal stabilization to use and or as gap has already suggested the scene recognition in the Hypersmooth stabilization switchable so that one then presumably again a reasonable picture with ND filter and stabilization gets.

The Gopro Hero 7 compared to Hero 6 is nearly the same the image quality is, in my opinion, the same so the main benefit is only the hyper smooth stabilization and that alone is a nice feature but for us FPV Pilots, not all it could help yeah but not in every situation and the worst thing with an ND filter there is no way that the stabilization makes good results and that is big no go.

FPV Cloud Surfing with my Long range Quadcopter is just always fun, unfortunately, the wind was a little too strong, so I concentrated on not losing my line or losing my quad on the top of the mountain. The wind was strong enough to move the quad in a few moments by a few meters, so someone should say that FPV pilots are only good weather flyer :).

Cloud Surfing with my quadcopter (Reverb Frame) and filming some drone video with on top my GoPro Hero 7 or 6 is one of my favorite hobby
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