DSHOT the new star on the BLHeli_s ESC Protokoll´s

This is my first howto so please forgive me some mistakes and typos i will frequently update the post when something is changing.
(last update 13.03.2017 changelog on the end)

When you think hmm DSHOT can i eat that or what is that than give Oscars Overview a read he did a really good comparison between the different ESC Protokolls!
Oscars ESC Protocols Overview

For your own testing and building, you need

an support F3 or F4 flight controller (FC)
and supported Blheli_S ESC  more of that in the hardware section

In my Example i use a CC3D Revo F4 Clone from Banggood referral Link
and DYS XS30A ESC also from Banggood referral link

I made a full video step by step of the steps below!

1. Lets start
2. flash FC & ESC
2.a after flashing FC Firmware
2.b ESC flashing
3. Setting min Throttle with Dshot
4. Warning!
5. All needed Software Links!
6. Hardware i have testet so far with dshot
7. Flight Video´s

1. Lets start

So first of all give the Betaflight DSHOT WIKI a read! you find it here Betaflight DShot Wiki


If you confirmed that you have one of the almost supported FC and ESC you can go to the next steps.

When your ESC is listed with „Cap removed“ then note that they for now only work with Cap removed when you want to use DSHOT 600 you must remove it but take care removing the cap is not so easy because they are really tiny!!

Some ESC work with dshot 150 and 300 with cap on Kiss ESC work in all modes!, go and check the wiki and the RCgroup Links to find out if your ESC is working and in what modes!

2. Flash the FC and ESC

  1. Start the Betaflight Configurator Chrome App (for some boards you need the Raceflight Configurator to flash)
  2. go to the flash tab and search for the right board in my example is use the Revo board!
  3. In the next tap under the board selection select the latest aviable Betaflight build (for now it is 3.1.7)
  4. press the „load it online button“
  5. On the most boards today their is an Boot button press that button and hold it down, next connect the FC with USB (normaly the betaflight configurator shows an DFU mode on top Right Corner), now you can stop holding down the boot button
  6. and at least press the flash button in the Betaflight configurator.
  7. Wait for the program finishing this step it could take a while!

2.a after flashing FC Firmware

A copy from wiki but this is an important step!
An quick way to determine IF the hex flashed supports Dshot:
Connect to Betaflight and in the Configurator Tab klick on the on the Protocoll drop down (on right up corner)

2.b ESC Flashing
Only go to the next step when there is DSHOT listed in the drop down

  1. Close the connection from Betaflight configurator
  2. open chrome and use the BLHeli – Configurator chrome app BLHeli configurator Chrome App
    you can also use the normal BLheli Suite! BLHeli Suite downloadPower up your ESC with a lipo (NO PROPS ON THE MOTORS!!!!!!!!!!!) and connect to it with the BLheli app or the Programm!
  3. Now take the flash step like in the picture version take 16.6 (or newer) now with Dshot (the Dshot firmware is for all BLHeli_S ESC listet) in the configurator you have only switch to the version and press flash!
  4. After you flashed all 4 ESC make sure you set for all 4 ESC the min throttle to 1000 and max to 2000 this is IMPORTANT!
    on some ESC mid throttle is not 1500 make sure the values match this! since 16.43 Blheli this should be ignored but safety first!

2.c Last steps

  1. So now we can close the app and go back in Betaflight configurator in the config tap we set to DSHOT 150/300 or 600
  2. in my example i can take 600 with my DYS XS30A „Cap removed“!
  3. So for now you are ready to do a Bench test!
  4. So before you go out and flight one major step I copy that from Betaflight WIKI you should allready know it

3. setting Min Throttle with Dshot

Post by Cheredanine on setting up IDLE in ßF 3.1.2 and up:

Ok first Point – dshot does not use min and max throttle, you don’t need to do that.
Second point – when not using min and max throttle you should calibrate from bf, not manually set in blheli.
Could someone please explain if I need to type the „digital_idle_offset“ command?
So let’s deal with your question.
To check what value digital idle should be set to, connect to configurator, go to the motor tab, take your props off. Click the little check box half way down the page that says you have taken your props off, you know what you are doing, you take full responsibility for your actions and you consider fingers pointless appendages anyway.

Then plug in the LiPo to the quad (USE a Current Limiter Always). Click on the master slider and use the up arrow on the keyboard to increase the master slider one point at a time until you reach a point where all 4 motors have just started to spin, I don’t mean twitch, stutter or start stop, I mean the lowest value where they are spinning, it is probably about 1010, don’t worry if it isn’t, but I am going to use that number as an example.

You can now take the master slider back to zero and unplug the LiPo.

Take the number (for example purposes 1010) and add thirty points to it (so in the example we are now at 1040).
Not we need work out what percentage of the throttle range this is, I don’t know your math skills so sorry if this is a little hand to mouth.
Subtract 1000 from it, then divide by 10

So in the example:

Go to the cli tab in configurator
Click in the box at the bottom and type:

set digital_idle_percent = 4

(Replace 4 with whatever digital idle you arrived at in the calculation) Hit return, you will see the command processed in the back bit above, Then click in the box again and type


Hit return and done

in my tests the standart value from configurator works perfect!

4. Warning!
Have fun but play save! flash and miss configuration can harm you and your hardware!
So be carefull!

5. All needet Software Links!
Betaflight DShot Wiki
Betaflight 3.1.7 (link point allways to the new release)
Betaflight Configurator Chrome App make sure you have installed the latest version!
Raceflight Configurator Chrome App
BLHeli configurator Chrome App
BLHeliSuite download latest!

6. Hardware i have tested so far with dshot

In this section i post all the hardware i have tested so far and beyond that, i repost this to an rc group and make sure that the things come up to the wiki.

For now  I have 6 Dshot test quads all around 2300-2400KV Motors (ZMX Fusion X25, Corpa Champion, Emax RS2205 RS, RCX 2205 V2 2400KV, ) and more on all quads i fly different ESC and Flight Controllers.

I will update this section more often the next days and make some setup video´s
So stay tuned!

But you can also check the Betaflight DShot Wiki for more info’s and hardware setups i can not have all the hardware here because my bank account says no Cry  i spent a lot of money this days for figure out the best Dshot ready setup so when you have some info they can help let me know!

FC i have tested and they work
  • CC3D Revo F4 Banggood referral Link
    Work with Dshot 600 and 8K/8K loop times with less then 5% CPU Load (Air mode and Telemetry on) only one thing doesn’t work for now the LED Stripe maybe in the final 3.1.0 Betaflight it may works again soon more videos about that and more!“betaflight_3.1.7_REVO“
  • Lux 32-Bit F3 (Lux race v1 clone) Banggood referral Link
    Work with Dshot 600 and 8K/4K Loop times with around 35-38% CPU Load with 8/8K the CPU load is 100% to havey (BF 3.1.0 Alpha Build 731 from 05.12.2016)
  • F3 V4 HCL Tech Banggood referral Link works great with „betaflight_3.1.0_SPRACINGF3“ RC12
    Loop time 4k/2K (soon more test with higher Loop times)
  • TBS FPV Stack with Coloibri Race V2 with „betaflight_3.1.7_COLIBRI_RACE“ (don´t use 3.1.6)
    Did Some testing it work with 8k/2K on around 19% CPU Load with the latest BF build. You can also Run 8/8k when you disable the gyro (no need for acro racing)
    Sp Racing F3 with „betaflight_3.1.7_SPRACINGF3“
  • Looptime 8/4k on the latest Betaflight build
  • Omibus F4 clone from Banggood works on 8/8k mode wit betaflight 3.1.7 on around 4-5% cpu load perfekt! also tested Smart Audio Port with unify pro and OSD soon i will upload a video about that! link to smar audio wiki page Smart Audio Link
FC i will test in the next days
  • Betaflight FC
ESC I Have tested and Work

  • TMotor 30A (work perfect on dshot600) one of the best performing so far for me!
 ESC i will test in the next days
  • Kiss24A Race

Iwill add more stuff the next weeks so stay tuned

7. Flight Video